STDL0074 - Leeukop
STDL0074 - Leeukop

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STDL0074 - Leeukop

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Translated to English: "Lion head"

This guy always wished he was something else, somewhere else  on a different planet, on a different job, in a different situation. He always wished he wasn't in the situation he was now. And time played against him.

As he was wishing his life away, he was getting older and older. Wrinkle after wrinkle he wasted away, just wishing he was somewhere else, in a different job, in a different place, in a different world.

Don't waste your time, don't' waste your energy on wishing you had better or was in a different place. Make it happen, make it your goal and decide to be happy.  Be fearless and don't care what people think. Fear of people is the destroyer of happiness.

Height: 810 mm     Length: 220 mm      Width: 550 mm