Johan Georg Stadler

The idea of STADL came from a deep desire to be creative and to bring something unique on the market. My art incorporates only the finest materials, especially antique products.
My main focus is building lights that display the style "Steampunk". I love decor that creates atmosphere, and put great effort in my creations to create something really special.

I've once seen an advert where a successful business man walks into a primary school and sat down with young children to learn the violin. The message of the advert stuck with me for two decades that you are never too old to learn, start something new, study of become what you want to be.

I would say my main inspiration comes from seeing how antique products end up on rubbish dumps or without purpose due to the modern age and technology. 

My goal is to create unique products that would ultimately be an investment for the future.

Thank you for your support.

JG Stadler