Die Tydbom view from top
Die Tydbom front view next to chair
Die Tydbom 45 degree view
Die Tydbom front view
Die Tydbom side view
Die Tydbom close up view
Die Tydbom rear view of wings on back
Die Tydbom close-up view of clock

Stadl Art

STDL0038 - Die Tydbom

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He was tired of this nonsense, a ticking time bomb. The neighbour moved in two years ago, belittled him on occasions, made eyes at his wife and even sat on his favorite couch.

This guy had to go. Yes, he intimidated Billy and it was to end. Billy was a timid, gentle and a faithful man in nature, but no more would he back away, no more would he fear, and his breaking point came when that  bloody neighbour walked in by his front door, winked at his wife (again), sat on his favourite chair and changed the sport channel.  

It was the next Saturday morning when he rose from bed and walk to the motor home to built a bomb. He carried it out his drive way to the neighbour's house, kicked over his rubbish bin and placed the bomb in front of the door. He rang the bell, ran across the lawn and jumped over the wall, peering over the fence like a young school boy , a sneer visible on his face.

The neighbour opened the door and looked down at the package, he picked it up with his strong bronze arms, shook it and opened it. There was no explosion. The shaking dismantled the wires. Dammit... Billy wasn't good at wiring. If he wasn't going to get rid of this guy permanently , he was at least going to jump over the wall and kick him flat in the face... and that's just what he did. The neighbour landed on his back... lights out. Billy was the champion that morning, and hey, at least he wasn't going to jail for blowing up that poop face. And neither did he ever visit them again.

We all have a limit, we all have  a breaking point, and sometimes the place where we stand up for ourselves is the place we need to reach in order to grow in life.

Tik tok, tik tok...

Height: 1270 mm   * Width: 530 mm   Depth: 650 mm