"Gebleikte Vlerke" front view
"Gebleikte Vlerke" side view
"Gebleikte Vlerke" rear view



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Translated to English: :Stained Wings".

(Re-purposed mannequin and mixed media).

"Life is difficult...very difficult. I mean come on, for some people its more difficult than ever. 

He used to be this sweet boy with white wings and a clear mindset, but as life threw its curve balls at him, he made some wrong decisions. Some decisions not so bad, others, very bad, but let's not go into that for now. There was still some blood stains on his once white wings, and it showed.

This is a little story of a guy who despite his past failures and wrong decisions, decided to take up the violin and bring some beautiful music to the people around him. Yes, it is true, you can still change as a person at any age, at any time of your life."